Divya Aggarwal bagged the Bigg Boss OTT trophy after locking horns with 14 other contestants. While her stay at the Bigg Boss house she had her share of ups and downs. She even got into a heated verbal war with the host Karan Johar in the first Sunday Ka Vaar episode. In a recent interview, Divya was asked if she was afraid of  rubbing Karan the wrong way and felt that it could affect her film prospects.

Speaking to RJ Siddharth Kannan, Divya said, “I am confident that as an artist, I will never starve to death. Acting is my profession and I am passionate about it. But it is not necessary that I can showcase my passion only in a Karan Johar film.”

She had further added, “I have nothing to do with how much my passion resonates with people, whether it is a hit or flop. I am doing what I want to. It doesn’t matter if it is a Karan Johar film or a regional film or a short film. If I have to get a film by impressing someone, the audience can see everything. They will criticize me if I can’t act, no matter how many films I get.”

Divya said that she was true to herself and “not wrong” so she would never stop herself from speaking. She added that as weeks passed by Karan understood her perspective and was even “fond” of her.