Kushal Punjabi’s death has come as a shocker for everyone, especially his best friend Chetan Hansraj. His life has changed as he cannot fathom the void that Kushal’s untimely death has caused in his life. It was Chetan who found Kushal’s body hanging from the ceiling in his Bandra flat and he is still unable to digest that his best friend has ended his life.

Although Chetan is shaken, he still mustered the courage to speak up to the media about his bestie’s suicide. Chetan had said, “My body is still shaking”. Kushal’s death has disturbed us too, and terribly. 43 is no age to die. We know Kushal’s failed marriage was one of the reasons that caused depression in him.

While talking, Chetan happened to tell us the last time he spoke to Kushal. Chetan replied, “I spoke to him just 2 days ago. It was Christmas Eve.”

Chetan revealed that Kushal asked him about his plans for X’mas. Chetan told him, “Nothing in particular”, Kushal told him that he will be attending Kushal Tandon’s party on Dec 25.