It is difficult to find a person who does not suffer from digestive problems. Many people suffer from digestive problems if they eat a little too much or if the amount of oil and spices is small. So a fistful of mouthwash or heartburn medicine is the hope!

According to doctors, if too much medicine is dependent, it will become difficult to digest without medicine at some point. Apart from this, frequent gas-heartburn medicines lead to various chronic diseases. Therefore, in the case of healthy people, it is necessary to increase the digestive capacity in a normal way and eat food suitable for digestion.

Digestion problems can be easily overcome by following some healthy food and some tricks. Check out all the easy ways.

Do you chew food well? Many people have a tendency to eat in a hurry and run to work. If the food is chewed well, various nutrients are added to it, making it easy to digest. So take your time and sit down to eat.

Drink green tea. This green tea can provide a permanent solution to digestive problems. Its antioxidants enhance the effectiveness of digestive enzymes. It makes the digestive system healthy.

Avoid salt-oil-spices. If you want to eat spice alone, eat green chili spice. Dry chilies are not at all. Capsaicin in raw chilies improves digestion.

Don’t eat milk after meat, fruit after rice, water after fried food. This can lead to digestive problems.

Avoid processed foods as much as possible. Whenever food is canned, many chemicals are used. All these processed foods cause digestive problems, as well as the digestive system, loses its efficiency.

The deficiency of water in the body can lead to indigestion. So make it a habit to drink two and a half to three liters of water a day.

According to nutritionists, those who suffer from digestive problems should have a heavy breakfast in the morning. Reduce the amount of food consumed as the day progresses. Have dinner before 8 o’clock. Avoid going to sleep immediately after eating.