Bipasha and Karan Grover are doing their best to provide the best possible upbringing for their daughter Devi Basu. Bipasha recently shared a sneak peek at her bedtime routine, where Karan will be reciting the Hanuman Chalise to her.

Karan Singh Grover recited Hanuman Chalisa to his nine-month-old daughter, Devi

Bipasha shared the video on her Instagram handle on 17 August 2023. The video shows Bipasha and her daughter, Devi, sitting on a bed with the lights turned off. In the background, we see Karan singing Hanuman chalisa to the daughter. In case you don’t know the meaning of this hymn, it is one of the most powerful verses composed by Tulsidas. The hymn praises the Hindu god Hanuman. “Bedtime Rituals. Papa , Mamma & Devi.” Watch the video here!

When Bipasha Basu revealed how she was left all alone for fifteen days

Bipasha shared her experience of the first forty days following the birth of her daughter, Devi, when she was informed of the existence of two holes in the heart. She stated that she experienced sleeplessness for the first three months following the birth of Devi, with the exception of fifteen days when she was alone with the infant due to the absence of her husband Karan Grover due to a film shoot. Additionally, Bipasha stated that she did not allow her family to meet the baby. Watch the video here!

Bipasha who got Devi pregnant through in vitro fertilization told her family that they thought she was acting strange after giving birth to her baby girl. She said she was just trying to protect her. “First 40 days and 40 nights, I didn’t sleep for a second. It took me 40 days to process it, accept it, and understand what is going on after giving birth. Out of those 15 days Karan was not in the city with me because he had a film which he tried to back out from but he couldn’t. I was alone, I didn’t tell my family. She wasn’t allowed to meet anyone with a cold and cough, my whole family had gone viral at that time. I didn’t let anyone meet Devi. Everyone thought why I had gone weird, but I was being fiercely protective about my daughter.”