Sujoy Ghosh reveals why did Abhishek Bachchan replace Saswata Chatterjee in Bob Biswas? Read on here!!

The Film Director Sujoy Ghosh has explained why actor Saswata Chatterjee was replaced by Abhishek Bachchan in the upcoming film Bob Biswas. In the Kahaani first, Saswata Chatterjee’s characterization of contract killer Bob Biwas in Vidya Balan’s starrer Kahaani has achieved cult status according to the thriller genre. His gestures of ‘Nomoshkar, ek minute’ dialogue still left us amazed.

This iconic character is now getting seems an independent role in the form of Bob Biswas’s role will be played by Abhishek Bachchan now. The film is directed by director Sujoy Ghosh’s daughter Diya. Earlier, Sujoy Ghosh had directed Kahaani. In one of his recent interviews, Sujoy Ghosh explained why they cast Abhishek Bachchan instead of Saswata Chatterjee in Bob Biswas. Sujoy Ghosh cited the example of legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray said that the director used to recast the same character in different movies. At the same time, Ghosh also admitted that if he had directed Bob Biswas, he would have retained Saswata Chatterjee in the role. However, the casting was purely his daughter’s choice.

“I am saying it is not impossible to recreate the world of Bob Biswas where Saswata, who played Bob earlier, can be cast. In fact, if I was helming the film, Saswata would have been a choice, but Diya is directing the film and this is the choice she made. She has her vision for the film. Our idea is to create a new film, in which the world of Bob is different from what we have seen in Kahaani,” he said.

“It was a very conscious decision of casting a new actor to play Bob Biswas because I wanted to move away from Kahaani, this is not that film. The world of this film is different. This is a new film, which has its own standing. Through this film, we have attempted to create a new world of Bob Biswas which has a fresh new perspective to the story. That is in fact, one of the reasons why I did not direct the film. In the earlier film, when the introduction of Bob happened he only had a presence of eight minutes. Now, we have a full story on him.” He added. Bob Biswas is slated to release on December 3, 2021, on Zee5.

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