Fatima Sana Shaikh is a beloved Bollywood actress known for her exceptional talent. Recently she revealed a distressing incident that unfolded at a party. The actress, celebrated for her roles in movies like Chachi 420 and Dangal, spoke candidly about an encounter. The incident took place at a party with a ‘privileged’ girl that left her deeply affected.

Unpleasant Party Episode: Insults and Judgment

Fatima shared her experience at a friend’s party where a girl made rude comments about her appearance. She made a remark on her choice of keeping her hair open. The incident escalated as the girl insisted on giving unsolicited advice. She suggested Fatima didn’t “fit the party” and offered to put eyeliner on her. Fatima, perplexed by the unexpected negativity, recounted the incident, stating, “I don’t know where that came from.”

Misconceptions and Mean-Spirited Remarks


Fatima went on to discuss the prevalent misconceptions about actors and actresses being perceived as egotistical. Contrary to these assumptions, she highlighted how some people, without hesitation, pass mean comments. She further stated that the same people make an attempt to make others feel inferior.

Emotional Aftermath: Tears and Reflections

The interview concluded with Fatima expressing how the incident left her teary-eyed. The girl, who later revealed she worked for human rights, failed to grasp the impact of her words. Fatima, feeling emotionally drained, remarked on the irony of someone claiming to champion human rights while engaging in such hurtful behaviour.

In a separate interview, Fatima addressed how she copes with media speculations and negative comments, emphasizing that rumours don’t bother her. However, she acknowledged the pain caused by slut-shaming and derogatory remarks. To shield herself from negativity, Fatima has been creating her own space, carefully choosing what influences her surroundings.

Personal Life and Speculations

On a personal note, Fatima Sana Shaikh has often been linked with Aamir Khan, her co-star in films like Thugs of Hindostan and Dangal. While reports speculate a cordial relationship, with Fatima considering Aamir as her mentor, she also shares a close bond with Aamir Khan’s family.

Fatima’s openness about her experiences sheds light on the challenges faced by celebrities and serves as a reminder of the importance of empathy and respect in all interactions, regardless of one’s background or status.