Bigg Boss OTT: Raqesh Bapat Tells Shamita Shetty That Neha Bhasin Has Fallen For Pratik Sehajpal But She Says “No She Is Happily Married”

Bigg Boss OTT is hitting the headlines for multiple reasons. A lot is happening inside the house and it is creating a whole lot of buzz. Amid all this contestants Pratik Sehajpal and Neha Bhasin’s sweet and sour relationship is gaining a lot of attention. According to Nishant Bhat, Neha Bhasin has fallen for Pratik. In a clip that has been doing rounds on social media, Raqesh Bapat was seen telling his connection Shamita Shetty that Neha has fallen for Pratik.

Raqesh shared that Nishant told him that Neha has fallen in love with Pratik. However, Shamita didn’t agree with him and said that the singer is happily married. She also added that Neha is just fond of him and she is in her happy space.

Raqesh then explains to her that when you are in a house like Bigg Boss you need an eye candy and Pratik is the one for the singer. However, Shamita disagrees and says that she doesn’t believe it. Many other housemates also feel that Pratik and Neha share a strange connection. Also, some are bored of their fights and patch-ups.

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