Sana Raees Khan, a criminal lawyer, recently concluded her eight-week stint on Bigg Boss 17, and in an exclusive interview with The Free Press Journal, she candidly shared insights into her experiences on the show. Here are the key highlights:

Perceived Flirting with Vicky Jain:

Responding to questions about Vicky Jain’s behaviour, Sana acknowledged the strong connection they shared, stating, “I don’t know if that was perceived on screen, but I do agree that sometimes he was too good to me and very fond of me also. We both connected intellectually and connected very well.”

Misunderstandings and Trust Issues:

Discussing her evolving relationship with Vicky, Sana admitted to misunderstandings, particularly after Vicky nominated her in the third week. She mentioned, “I had trust issues after the third week as he nominated me. Post that, he tried to have the same bonding, but I didn’t want to have the same bonding with him.”

Ankita Lokhande’s Initial Insecurity

Sana revealed initial feelings of insecurity and jealousy from Ankita Lokhande, Vicky’s wife. However, Sana believes that if Ankita were not in the picture, she and Vicky might have developed a closer bond. She noted, “We could have treated each other as a priority.”

Sana expressed confidence in the positive impact of her Bigg Boss journey on her legal career, stating, “It will, of course. Earlier, I was popular too, but now I am a face on TV, and many people may like to come to seek professional advice. I specialize in criminal law.”

Celebrity Status and Humble Background:

Remaining grounded despite newfound celebrity status, Sana emphasized her simple background and asserted, “I am taking it coolly. I am not going to get carried away because my life is very simple. I am from a very humble background. Nothing can get into my head.” When questioned about potential roles in Bollywood, Sana kept her options open, stating, “Whatever I am offered, I will look into it. It’s not that I am not interested, but as of now, I am not out of the BB zone yet.”

Sana Raees Khan’s journey on Bigg Boss 17 has undoubtedly brought her increased visibility, and she is poised to leverage this exposure both in her legal career and potentially in the entertainment industry.