Abhishek Kumar, a contestant on Bigg Boss 17, has experienced a journey filled with highs and lows inside the house. His path has been marked by various challenges, including eviction for aggressive behaviour and re-entry into the show, all of which have drawn considerable attention and support from his fans, especially his mother.

Sandhya Kumar, Abhishek’s mother, recently spent a day in the Bigg Boss house, offering her a firsthand glimpse into the environment her son has been navigating. Following her visit, she engaged in an exclusive conversation with DNA India. She expressed immense pride in Abhishek’s resilience and approach to the game. “I am extremely proud of how my son has endured and played the game so admirably,” Sandhya remarked.

Sandhya Kumar’s Perspective on Abhishek’s Bigg Boss Journey

When discussing the incident where Abhishek slapped fellow contestant Samarth Jurel, Sandhya defended her son, describing his action as a proportional response. “He didn’t initiate the violence. It was a reaction to Samarth’s provocation. You can’t justify putting tissue paper in someone’s mouth or throwing a blanket over someone claustrophobic. That’s wrong. If Abhishek had slapped him unprovoked, I would have been disappointed,” she explained.

Sandhya Kumar on Allegations Against Abhishek

The conversation also turned to allegations made by Isha, another contestant, who accused Abhishek of previous violent incidents, including hitting her head with a glass. Sandhya questioned the timing and validity of these claims. “If such an incident had occurred, wouldn’t there be injuries? Why wasn’t this brought up earlier? Why wait two years to mention it on a platform like Bigg Boss?” she questioned. Sandhya emphasized the importance of respect and reputation for both genders, stating, “I have a daughter too. Tarnishing a man’s image can equally damage a woman’s reputation. These accusations are baseless and untrue.”

Sandhya clarified that she harbours no ill feelings towards Isha or Samarth and remains unaffected by the outcome of the show. “Whether Isha wins Bigg Boss 17 or not doesn’t concern me. I’m just eagerly waiting for Abhishek to return home,” she said. Bigg Boss 17 continues to captivate viewers on Colors TV and is also available for streaming on JioCinema.