After Sidharth Shukla returned to the house from the hospital (he was admitted in the hospital as he was diagnosed with typhoid) atmosphere have changed for the better. Shehnaaz Gill is relieved to have him back and has a heart to heart conversation with him. She gives him update of each and everything that happened in the house while he was in the hospital. She expresses how Rashmi and Arhaan’s relationship has come across as fake and everyone has termed it as a publicity stunt.

The makers of the show recently leaked the promo of today’s episode where Shehnaaz can be seen vying for Sidharth’s attention. While Sidharth refuses to acknowledge her presence. She wonders why Sidharth is doing this to her and cosies up with him to find out.  She also kisses him on his cheeks and applies lipstick on him. When Sidharth refuses to react she threatens to go on a hunger strike. Due to which she will fall sick and will have to leave the show to be hospitalized. Shukla tells her that everything is over between them and asks her to not do any ‘tamasha’.

The promo also saw Shefali Bagga trying her best to disturb the housemates while they are asleep. Post which she will be locked in the bathroom by Vikas Gupta, Sidharth Shukla and Arhaan Khan.

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