The fight between Asim Riaz and Paras Chhabra has ensued for a long time now and it seems to have taken an ugly turn. Although the two have been seen being on each other’s chest all the time, this time they’ve taken the fight to an ugly personal level. Apparently, they dragged each other’s sisters’ names and got abusive.

This time things are going to be worse as they almost spat on each other’s face. A video that has emerged online shows Asim yelling at Paras for bringing in his sister and the two were this close to hitting each other. The clip begins with Paras Chhabra slamming Asim Riaz and going over his ‘aukad’ and goes on to use filthy words like ‘tatti’ and ‘thu’. The matter escalates after Paras uses a specific term that appeared to be beeped by the makers; however, Mahira, Vikas, Shehnaaz and Asim’s shocking reaction to it caught our attention. It appears that Paras took his sister’s name and this didn’t go down well with Asim. What followed thereafter was a lot of cursing, shouting and accusing. Check out the video:

According to the caption of this post Paras Chhabra said, “Tere behan ka r*** kardunga,” to Asim and by the looks of this clip one can assume that it indeed happened. “Some people are saying, @parasvchhabrra ne @asimriaz77.official ko bola main “TERI BEHEN KA R#*E KARUNGA” intially I thought yeh ak afwah hogi but after watching these clips 1 thing is sure #Paras start se he #Asim ke face or peeth peeche Asim ki behen ko le hee aata hai.”