With Himanshi getting evicted from the show a couple of weeks back, many viewers were heartbroken and so were we. We were really liking the gentle bond blooming between Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khurrana. Well, Himanshi’s eviction led to a huge disappointment for us but it seems like it hasn’t affected their friendship. Himanshi has been rooting for Asim from outside supporting his game and justifying his actions

In a recent interview with Indian Express Himanshi Khurrana talked about Asim Riaz and how only Salman Khan can make his game stronger. When asked about who is going to win the show, she said she has her doubts because of the way the game is going right now and if not Asim she wants Shehnaaz to win the show. She was quoted as saying, “When you are showing Sidharth Shukla abusing and then not reprimanding him, you are leaving it to the audience to judge. And when you are scolding Asim, you are indirectly enhancing his personality as people are getting connected to him”.


She had further added, “Shuklaji is getting overconfident, and while people say the channel is protecting his image, it’s only getting worse by this. On the other hand, Asim is getting emotional support. I feel the more Salman scolds Asim, the stronger his game will become. All I pray is that it doesn’t drown his morale.”


Talking about who is going to win the show Himanshi shared, “I don’t know. The way the show is going right now, I have my doubts. But if it’s purely on the basis of personality and the growth of that person, then Asim deserves it. And in case he cannot, I hope Shehnaaz wins the show. She is really playing an entertaining game.”


Meanwhile, Sidharth Shukla is trying his level best to tease Shehnaaz and is seen flirting with Madhurima Tuli while mocking her ex-beau Vishal Aditya Sing

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