Raghu Ram and Natalie Di Luccio Welcome Their New Bundle Of Joy

No matter how many admonitions one is given while deciding on settling for a person they want to spend the rest of their lives with, love happens in the most unexpected of places with the most unexpected of people.

Something similar happened with TV personality Raghu Ram, who’s at present wife, was warned about him in the initial stages of their relationship. But not paying much heed to what took place in the past, the couple have been thriving ever since they got married. The duo that tied the knot in December 2018 has currently apprised the media by sharing posts about their new bundle of joy who graced the world with his presence on 6th of January this year.

It was way before their first anniversary on August, 2019 when Raghu shared the news of Natalie’s pregnancy with the world. Posting an adorable picture with his wife where he was holding Natalie, who in turn was holding a pair of blue baby shoes Raghu captioned it , “Getting ready for the biggest adventure of my life yet! @nataliediluccio #OverTheMoon.” 

The couple welcomed the new addition in their family in Mumbai while opting for a water birth, describing it as a “beautiful, calm and natural process”. Though the actor and his wife were preparing for it for months, they profusely admit that the true emotions that evoked when the moment actually took place were quite different. In an interview with Mumbai mirrors, Raghu revealed that he felt “relieved” once the baby came into the world and added, “There are actually many emotions. We had been preparing for this for months. We learned more about pregnancy, childbirth, and baby care, but none of it really prepares you for parenthood”.

On being asked about his baby’s name, he explained that they were looking for something that was multi-cultural, multi-national and multilingual, and thus decided to settle for ‘Rhythm’. He was also quick to thrown some light on how the chosen name “can’t be linked with any religion” and thus encompassed everything they wanted it to stand for.

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The elated father went on and shared some details of the preparations they made prior to the big day by telling the media that, “We moved houses the minute we found out about the pregnancy to make room for the baby. Natalie had been obsessively nesting, which also gave her the opportunity to do up the new place; it was completely empty when we moved in. She decorated the nursery with beautiful quotations and messages from my friends on the walls. There are also cute little animals, clouds and stars in the room. It has a beautiful vibe.”

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