Bigg Boss 13: Devoleena Bhattacharjee Apologizes To Kamya For Tweet, Latter Gives The Sweetest Reply

Bigg Boss is one of the controversial shows in the Indian television history and not just the fans but many ex-contestants are also keeping a close tab on the show. One among them is Kamya Panjabi. She was a contestant in Bigg Boss 7 and is closely monitoring the actions of the contestants this season. She keeps posting her opinions on the show on social media and many fans of the contestants write nasty things against her.

A few days back, Devoleena Bhattacharjee liked a tweet that
wasn’t in favour of Kamya Panjabi; however, she soon apologised for her action
and wrote that it happened unintentionally. “Kamya Panjabi is my dear friend
and a very very strong personality. I do have respect for her. So please
refrain yourself tagging her in this. It was my mistake that without reading
the content well I liked it. I appologise to kamya for the same,” read Devoleena’s
tweet. Now, Kamya Panjabi has responded to Devo’s apology in the sweetest way.
She wrote how a three-month-show won’t make any difference to their friendship
and that she likes her.

“Chill darling… this 3 months show is not goin to make any
difference to our friendship! Its just a game.. kisiki achhi lagti hai aur
kisiki nahi thats it..!!! What we share is much more bigger than this. Get well
soon n come back with a bang @Devoleena_23,” read her tweet.

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