Bigg Boss 13: After “Yeh Shoes Se Marungi” Remark, GF Akanksha Puri Gifts Paras Chhabra Balenciaga Shoes Worth 70k

Paras Chhabra’s growing intimacy with the inmates Mahira
Sharma is getting him a lot of footage. He has been on talks a lot for being
connected with the girl and his girlfriend, outside the house has some stark
comments to make. Although she has been very supportive of his intimacy with
other girls, she has been quite sad with the growing bond that he has with
Mahira Sharma.

Recently, Akanksha expressed that she has all the right to be upset with Paras, she even got him his favourite Balenciaga shoes worth Rs 70,000. In a recent post, she has shared a picture of the shoes. But hey, what happened to her Yehi Shoes Se Maarungi’ idea? It was for Shehnaaz Gill’s captaincy that Paras destroyed his favourite yellow coloured kicks by drenching them in the paint. Akanksha had then promised to get him his favourite shoes but in colour red. And well, here they are. Akanksha shared the picture of the shoes with caption, “For all u fans who had that ” Awwwwww” moment when he sacrificed his yellow shoes. Finally another one is here on behalf of all those who have supported him in thick n thins in #bigbosss13.Happy new year #paras !!This time it’s red hope you like it as much as yellow.”

It was not so long ago that Akanksha had made us laugh with
her Instagram stories where she had shared pictures of Paras’ dirty clothes and
shoes. It was the caption that had left us in splits. Expressing her
disappointment but in a rather funny way, Akanksha had written that she’ll hit
Paras with the same dirty shoes and make him do all the laundry once he is out
of the house.

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