Big Boss 13; “I Am Happy She Left Him” Says Rashami’s Mother After Her Break-up With Arhaan And Clarification In Apki Adalat

Its the last week of Big Boss 13. This time everyone is so much involved in Big Boss as the makes have introduced so many new tasks. From press conference to Rajat Sharma’s Apki Adalat. This season has come through as it glued everyone the audience with it. Bigg Boss is riding the highs of success and has become of the biggest TRP gainers of the entire franchise. The contestants are making sure to keep their fans interested by offering amazing and spicy content.

Now, Rashmi Desai’s personal life has been out there. Her journey in the BB house is not less than a rollercoaster. From fights with his rumoured ex-boyfriend Siddhart to his current boyfriend Arhaan Khan who hid his marriage and child from her, she has been dealing with all inside the house. Now, Rashmi’s mom came in and gave her thoughts in an interview with Pinkvilla.

Speaking of her concerned about Rashami given the ups and downs inside the house, her mom said, “I lost my sleep over whatever was happening inside the house. I couldn’t support her and be with her inside when she was going through a tough time personally. So much of her personal life was out there. I was stressed how will she cope up? But then I saw her taking a stand and felt so proud that she handled herself very well.”

Rasila Desai further added, “People will speak whatever they want. First when her personal life was discussed inside I felt a little bad but then the end result of it has made me satisfied. I am very happy that she clarified everything in the show itself. I felt proud because whatever dreams she saw got shattered inside but she bounced back. That’s why I call her Jhansi Ki Rani. If there was anyone else in Rashami’s place, they wouldn’t be able to survive after whatever happened but she did. It affected me so badly too. Whatever dreams she had seen when out for shattered like dried leaves but she built a castle yet again. If she would have come out, I wouldn’t have liked it. She is my strong daughter.”

She concluded by saying, “I liked the fact that she clarified everything inside itself. She wanted to do it outside without any tamasha but then things happened and hence, she had to take the stand.”

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