Bhumi Pednekar Reveals She Had To Clean Seema Pahwa’s House For A Month To Train For Dum Laga Ke Haisha

Bhumi Pednekar has proven her mettle and talent in the industry. The actress started out with the movie Dum Laga Ke Haisha where she weighed too much on the heavier side. However, right after the movie, she shed off all that weight and acted in many movies thereafter. Now, she has revealed how difficult it was for her to train for Dum Laga Ke Haisha movie.

In an episode of talk show No Filter Neha, Bhumi Pednekar said that she has been so busy in her career that the coronavirus lockdown is the first time she has spent such a long time and came back home to her family in four years. “In some ways. I miss shooting. But generally, I’ll tell you what, I’m really enjoying this time off. I have not been home since 2016. I have been shooting back to back, ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’ released, I took about 6 months off and then I started shooting. And this is literally, the legit first break that I have,” she said.

Bhumi added that with her mother, sister and house helps, they are six women in the house and all of their period cycles have synced up. “It’s a mad house. My house is a mad house because we are literally like including my help, Nimisha, my sister, my mum, we are like 6 women in our house. We all get our period together, so the hormones are bloody raging like it’s mad. And we have like this one sweet boy called Ram Bhaiya, he toh loses it. He is like where am I stuck. So we’ve literally like marked the date, I tell them, “Ok, guys you are losing your shit. What date is it? Mark it!” And I’m like, if I’m allowed to go crazy so are they right. Everyone’s allowed to like have their space. You know like, let it flow,” she said.

For those who don’t know, Bhumi Pednekar used to work with casting director Shanoo Sharma before landing into acting. Speaking about prepapring for first film Dum Laga Ke Haisha, she said she would train under co-star Seema Pahwa. “For this one, Seema Pahwa, who is such a brilliant actor, she played my mother in the film and we worked a lot together. So, it’s like the holy trinity – Ayushmann, me and her. Whenever we get together, mostly our films work, the luck has been very good so far. She was training me and the first day I met her she’s like ‘Kal Salwar kameez pehenke mere ghar aa jana’. I reached her house and voh mujhse jhadu karwa rahi he, chai banwa rahi he. For a month, I have cleaned her house. For a month! I kind of realized okay this is what real life is, until now I was living in a bubble, I need to kind of get out of my shield and experience life. And she gave me that opportunity,” she said.

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