Arjun Kapoor Recalls School Friends Asking Him About His New Mom “Sridevi”, Opens Up About Accepting Step Sisters Jahnvi Kapoor And Khushi Kapoor

Boney Kapoor got married to Mona Kapoor(Arjun’s mother) when she was only 19 in an arranged marriage setup. The couple not only grew together but also their love for each other brewed with the passing times. But when rumors of Boney dating Sridevi went afloat Mona Kapoor was devastated. The duo got divorced and Boney went on to marry Sridevi who was already pregnant with her first child. Arjun Kapoor recently opened up about going through anguish, trauma and upheavals while growing up.

Reminiscing the days when school friends used to ask him about his new mom Sridevi he said, “I have gone through personal anguish. I have gone through personal trauma. I have gone through personal upheavals…Growing up as a kid I had to go through the separation of parents…At that point, it was very hard because my father was a high profile man…and the woman he chose to be with was the biggest superstar India has seen if you combine perhaps all the stardom of all the young actors today you would have her star status. So it was very very high profile.”


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He added, “To be asked by kids, your best friends in school ‘how does it feel having a new mom?’ it’s not easy. It makes you go into a shell. You become more vulnerable about things. Again this is not to create sympathy or a sad story. This is the reality…I fought through it.”


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