Arhaan Khan’s Brother Arif Reacts On Actor Getting Married To Rashmi Desai Inside The House, “We Will Not Allow Him”

Arhaan Khan has been grabbing a lot of eyeballs ever since he has entered the Bigg Boss house with his controversial statements. Arhaan Khan made a smashing come back to the show and proposed Rashmi Desai on national television for marriage. Ever since their love angle is gaining a lot of attention. A few days back, we brought to you the news that the makers of the Bigg Boss show have offered Rashmi and Arhaan to get married inside the house in the next two weeks.

In a recent interview with SpotBoye Arhaan’s brother Arif revealed a lot of things about his brother’s game plan. When asked, “How is your brother playing the game?” Arif had replied,We are watching the show very closely and not missing out on anything. My brother is playing extremely well and we are really proud of him”. 

He was further asked, “Salman Khan’s announcement about his first marriage and kid on National TV was a shock to the audience. How did you and other family members react to it?” To which he had replied, “We also didn’t like the way it came out on national television but it wasn’t shocking for us as it was his past and its over. Being his family, we all were already aware about it. I don’t understand why it came out as an issue? Each one of us have a past but which we leave behind and walk ahead. So if  Arhaan also tried to do the same, what was the harm?”

When Arif was asked about Arhaan’s proposal for Rashmi, “Arhaan has proposed to Rashami for wedding. Did he discuss this with you all before going in?”Arif was quoted as saying, “This was Arhaan’s personal choice and he didn’t discuss this with any of us that he will go and propose her for marriage. But the way Rashami reacted to his proposal, I am sure she must have had an idea about it”.

He was further asked, “Reports still claim that Arhaan and Rashami will marry inside the house?”Arif had retorted, “Frankly, it is just a rumour and they are not getting married on a reality show. The family we come from believes a lot in the institution of marriage and if something has to happen, then it will take place only in presence of family and society. We are not the ones who will allow our son or daughter to get married on a TV show. Its an important decision of life and it has to be taken seriously”. 

Arhaan was seen discussing Rashami’s low phase with Shefali Bagga and Paras went and told Rashami about it, what do you have to say on that? “Kehte hain na burai mein acchai chhipi hoti hai. Paras’ idea of sharing the information was just to fuel fire between Arhaan and Rashami but the way the she tackled it and answered Paras by agreeing to what he said is true, was commendable. Everyone thought Arhaan Khan is the one talking ill about Rashami but now when she has also accepted that she did face a bad time, proves that my brother is not a fake person. Thanks to Paras! “

Have you all met Rashami before. How is she with your family?Rashami is a responsible girl and an amazing person. In spite of being such a big TV actress, she is very grounded. 

Did you all know about Rashami being bankrupt and Arhaan extending financial support as he mentioned in the show? We all go through financial crisis in our routine life and something similar happened with her too- it’s no big deal. And Arhaan stood with her during the low phase- what is wrong in that? Rashami herself confessed that she was broken from all ends and it was Arhaan who supported her at that time. I appreciate the way Rashami accepted it rather than making an ego issue out of it. I don’t know much details about what exactly was going on between them at that time but yes I did had an idea about it.

“Arhaan’s ex-girlfriend Amrita Dhanoa has accused Arhaan of cheating her and also said they both were in a live-in relationship…?” “I really don’t even feel like commenting on this. When someone is on a platform like Bigg Boss, then people want to associate their names with them, just to get some limelight and I see her as one of those. So, I just want to request media also to not entertain such people who just want to ruin someone’s image for their own good. It’s better to ignore and move on”.

Is Arhaan the same in real life too as we are seeing him inside the house?”, “He is absolutely the same guy. Being the elder one, I have seen him grow in front of my eyes and trust me he has always been a mature person and believes in spreading love and harmony. That’s why you can see that in a house where people are behind each other all the time, no one really hates him. If you exclude Paras and Sidharth’s recent instance of putting him down, no one has said or done anything wrong to him. And talking about the small arguments, I would just say that if Salman Sir will also go inside, he will also react similarly although he is the one who tries to handle everything and balance it out every weekend.”



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