Alia Bhatt Cherishes Moments With Daughter Raha, Reads ‘Baby Be Kind’ to Her

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s lives transformed with joy when their daughter, Raha, was born on November 6, 2022. Despite their hectic schedules, the couple ensures they spend quality time with their little ones. Both parents have agreed that at least one of them will always be with Raha. Currently, while Ranbir is busy with his shoots, Alia is seen dedicating her time to their daughter.

Alia Bhatt and Raha’s Book Reading Session

Alia Bhatt recently shared a heartwarming photo on her Instagram, showing a tender moment with Raha. In the picture, Alia is seen reading a book to her baby girl, who is comfortably lying on her lap wrapped in a pink sheet. Alia looks beautiful in a white t-shirt, denim pants, hoop earrings, and a neat bun, showcasing a natural, no-makeup look. The mother-daughter duo exudes pure adorableness in this cozy moment.

Raha’s Nursery: A Peek Inside

We also got a glimpse into Raha’s beautifully designed nursery, thanks to her grandmother, Soni Razdan. In an interview with Nod Mag, Soni shared how nostalgic she feels seeing Alia and Raha in the nursery. The room features a soothing beige and white-toned wallpaper with a minimal confetti design. Ranbir and Alia added a personal touch by creating a custom soccer jersey with Raha’s name, which is now a part of the nursery’s wall art. Soni reminisced about Alia’s simpler childhood, contrasting it with the modern comforts of Raha’s nursery.

Alia’s Experience with Separation Anxiety

Balancing motherhood and her career, Alia has often spoken about the challenges she faces. During an Instagram ‘Ask Me Anything’ session, she candidly addressed her struggle with separation anxiety when leaving Raha for work. She admitted that it’s never easy but knowing that Raha is with family helps alleviate some of her guilt.

Alia and Raha’s precious moments continue to captivate fans. We can’t wait to see more of their heartwarming bond!

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