Paras Chhabra and Akanksha Puri got into a lot of controversies owing to their relationship. They were together before Paras Chhabra entered the show but Akanksha Puri announced break-up with him after he said some things about her and even got intimate with Mahira Sharma. While Akanksha Puri always said that she would talk to Paras first before making any official statement, Paras seems to have made himself with Mujhse Shadi Karoge right after Bigg Boss. Now, he has said some things about Akanksha Puri that will reveal what he really feels about her and what his actual relationship status is.

In an interview with news18, Paras said that he did not want to get anything negative in his life when he was entering Bigg Boss 13 and hence, he did not break up with Akanksha. “My relationship with Akanksha was going through a rough phase and it would have ended anytime. When I was offered the show, during a fight she told me that ‘now that you have got this show, so you will leave me’. As I was coming for the show I did not want to do anything negative (break-up) in my life so I left it on hold. Also, I told her that ‘if I get a girl on the show, I will move on’,” he said.

He further stated that Akanksha shouldn’t have shared personal details like paying his rent etc if she really loved him. Paras also mentioned that Akanksha did try to reach out to him post the show, however, he has been too busy with his work commitments. He quoted, “Akanksha tried to contact me after I came out of Bigg Boss, but I have been busy from the very next day with my new show Mujhse Shaadi Karoge. Also, there is no point in clarifying anything now so it is better that we break-up. I want to remove the tattoo of her name on my hand but have been busy with the show.”

In a conversation with Pinkvilla, Akanksha clarified the blame that Paras claimed. She told Pinkvilla, “This is all bullsh*t. I have never called or tried to get in touch. In fact, I deleted all my contacts and others details from his phone before he got his phone back after he returned from Bigg Boss house. I have happily moved on but I don’t know why he keeps taking my name in interviews. In fact, I had called one of his friends recently because the stylists who got him clothes during his BB stint did not receive their payments and since I had hired them, they got in touch with me to explain their worry.”

She further added, “Later, Paras’ mother called me to explain that they are not in a position to pay back right now but will in some time. She said that there are some GST issues and his cheques are stuck. He has still not received any money from Bigg Boss so they need some time to clear all the dues. The stylists are pretty young and Paras is now making reasons like he did not like his clothes to escape paying. I will pay if I have to but this is just so bad and unacceptable. In fact, I have blocked him.”