Actress Sara Khan Has An Emotional Outburst, Talks About Ugly Lip Job, Depression, & Past Mistakes

Sara Khan, who rose to fame with the show Bidaai and then for her public marriage in Bigg Boss house, is now battling some tough times. The actress Sara Khan has been one of the controversy’s favourite child. However, it doesn’t feel that she is enjoying all the criticism that has come her way with fame. She recently had an emotional outburst on social media and we feel her.

Actress Sara Khan

According to the reports, currentlly, Sara has shifted her focus to music and exploring different genres by doing live concerts  and in no mood to dicuss anything with anyone. Recently, Sara took to her instagram and shared an open letter with a heartbreaking caption. Which reads, ” 💔��💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

I was compelled to write this today, I just had to let it out 💔”

In her letter she mentioned about how not having a manager she didn’t knew how to behave in front of media. And had no limitations on word to speak. But I didn’t knew that my outspoken nature will land up her in controversial category. And thus why after doing twenty shows she is always been asked about her old mistakes. She wish if she could be a normal person and not a celebrity so that she could have been forgiven for past mistakes. Being an actor we also deserve a second chance. Why do our mistakes become our tags?

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Sara khan open letter

Sara also mentioned that people should not spread negativity especially during this time when people are dying.

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