Sushmita Sen Says, “Where There’s No Respect, Love Has No Meaning,” Take A Look!!

Former Miss Universe and Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen is one of the nicest personalities in the entertainment industry and always speaks flawlessly and in her recent live session, she set the examples once again. She said she stays motivated by “the simple stories of simple people who did extraordinary things throughout their lives against all odds”

Diva Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen leaves amazing and inspiring words every time she speaks. Sushmita Sen has been in the entertainment industry for decades, gathering her many fans. She loves to connect with her fans through Instagram live sessions every once in a while. In a recent session, Sushmita Sen decided to answer some questions from her fans. When asked, “What does respect mean to you?” Sushmita answered. She said, “Respect means everything to me. Everything. I put that above love any day.” Without condemning the ideals of “unrealistic love” showcased in books and movies, Sushmita revealed her outlook.

Sushmita Sen Live Session

Sushmita Sen says, “Jaha izzat nahi hota, waha mohabbat ke mainey hi nahi hotey. Mohabbat aake chali jayegi. Lekin agar respect hai to mohabbat ko dobara mauka milta hai to express itself. [Where there is no respect, love has no meaning. Love will come and go. But if there’s respect, love gets a second chance to express itself.” Fans overwhelmed Sushmita Sen’s live session with big questions about life. One user asked her, ‘How does she manage to keep herself motivated?’ then Sushmita answered, “What works for me is listening to inspiring people, watching real-life documentaries of real-life people.” The diva added, “The simple stories of simple people who did extraordinary things throughout their lives against all odds. So, when I am least motivated, I go to people like that. I listen to them and something inside just switches.”

Sushmita Sen also spoke about the role of music in her life. She said, “Nothing helps me like music on a bad day.” She went on to talk about her outlook on life. Sushmita Sen also speaks about the aspects of pain and suffering in life.” I am of the belief that pain is inevitable… but suffering is optional,” she said. Sushmita stresses the ability to look back and learn from one’s mistakes and achievements.

Sushmita Sen

When another user asked about her favourite books, Sushmita Sen said, “Yes, I like spiritual stuff.” She picked up titles like The Power Of Now, Autobiography Of A Yogi, and God On A Harley. The actress Susmita Sen also spoke about her experience as India’s first Miss Universe. She said, “It’s a huge honour. That kind of victory is life-defining. That kind of participation is life-defining.”



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