Uorfi Javed’s Photos From School Days Goes Viral; Netizens Are SHOCKED To See The Transformation

Uorfi Javed is always in news for her unique and bizzare fashion sense and style. The actress is often spotted in much revealing clothes, and costumes made out of wires to candies. She is most loved by the paparazzi and is quite famous among the media people. Uorfi doesn’t care about the trolling and follows what her heart desires.

She can, however, ignore the trolls because of her fans’ love and support, and she continues to shine with fresh, unique fashion designs. After generating news, Uorfi has finally made it to the cover of a big magazine alongside famed fashion designer Anaita Shroff Adajania. Although, the actress was never this stylish as it is quite evident in her old pictures from school.

The netizens have now dig her past pictures and they are quite shocked to see her transformation. Even if it’s difficult to believe, Uorfi was once a girl next door who was spotted wearing a jumpsuit and looked basic yet charming. Yet for the time being, she has completely altered herself and is seen wearing a toilet paper outfit. In the following image, Uorfi can be seen wearing a patterned one-piece with a fringe hairstyle and a glass, leading us to wonder, is this Uorfi? We combined this shot with one she took while wearing a kiwi outfit.

Another shot from her school days shows her as a sweet sixteen posing with a classmate, in contrast to her flamboyant avatar in red lingerie. Uorfi is a great example of tremendous transition, from posing in a red jacket and shorts to murdering in a garment made of red tape.

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