Swara Bhaskar has been actively supporting all those who are against the CAA and NRC bill passed in December. She has been vocal about the same and is an active part of the protests that are taking place along with the posts she is posting online.

Now, she was present at an interview where she was questioned on the anti CAA and NRC beliefs. During the interview, she had a heated argument with a journalist who even presented a printout of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and asked her to go through it and educate herself before forming such staunch opinion. This irked Swara and she tried her best to counter the journalist. However, there came a point when the reporter asked Swara of doing activism from the past 15 years and didn’t she had any problem when NPR was collected in 2010, then why is the actress raising objections now. To which, the actress said, “No, I am not running any activism for 15 years, I was 15-years old in 2010”


A video of this argument has made it to the internet and netizens can’t stop trolling the actress, who, as per her Wikipedia page, was born in 1988 and is 31 years old now. A hashtag called #MathematicianSwara made it to the trend list and Swara was mocked for not knowing her age. Some even questioned her math.