Sanjeeda Shaik And Aamir Ali’s 8-Year-Old Marriage In Trouble? Couple Staying Separately

It’s really sad when someone can go from being your everything to a complete stranger within a short span of time. While we truly believe that nothing is more important than being in love and it is okay to walk out of the marriage as soon as you realize that things are not working and it’s better to let go.

Sanjeeda Shaikh and Aamir Ali took the wedding vows on March 2, 2012, after dating each other for almost three years. But now as per a SpotBoye report, Aamir and Sanjeeda’s marriage has hit the rock bottom as they are not living together and are even contemplating a legal separation.

A source close to SpotBoye had told the portal, “Yeah, Sanjeeda and Aamir are not staying together for some time. They are having issues. The source had further added, “The problems are at an initial stage, and they have been piling up over the time. Also, life on social media is far from reality”.

When SpotBoye contacted Aamir, the actor’s response was strange. He told the portal, “I don’t know what you are talking about!” When further probed Aamir chose to keep mum about it sending the rumour mills in a tizzy. The media portal also tried contacting Sanjeeda but she decided not to respond.

Aamir and Sanjeeda were best of friends who took their relationship to the next level after a period of time. Recalling their first date Sanjeeda had once shared, “It was very informal since we were just friends then. We went for dinner and were later joined by a couple of friends for the movie. So, it was very casual nothing romantic or out of the blue. I wonder now if that really was a date!”

Sharing the moments when he had proposed to Sanjeeda he had shared, “Sanjeeda always wanted to marry me, but I was s*** scared about marriage. I was happy with the way our relationship was going. The mere thought of marriage gave me sleepless nights though my mom used to poke me almost every day to get married to Sanjeeda. And after being together for a very long time ek din mera woh darr finally chala gaya, and it was that day when I surprised her by proposing to her on my knees. Earlier we used to discuss marriage, but very rarely. So, she was completely surprised.”

We really hope that this is just a lover’s tiff and the couple reunites soon.

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