With each passing week, Bigg Boss is getting a lot more fun due to its changing relationship dynamics. But there are some bonds that have remained unchanged right from the beginning of the show, in fact, the bond only grew stronger. While some have entirely changed the game with their mind. Like, Sidharth’s relationship with Sana that we see on screen is for real or there is some other reason for them being so close to each other. Now Ex Bigg Boss contestant Shefali Bagga has made some interesting revelation about the same.

Now that the ex-contestant is back, she has made some big revelation. She has posted a video of herself answering all the questions regarding Big Boss on her youtube channel. ‘Sach ka khulasa’ was done by her and she tells that she is often asked whether outsiders come inside BB house and clean it for them. She stated, “they have to do all the cleaning and chores by themselves. However, on their free day, that is on Saturday, for some time the blinds are shut and the Bigg Boss staff comes in for pest control. Through it all, the contestants cannot see them.” Have a look at her video below:

In a recent interaction with Times Of India Shefali Bagga made a shocking revelation, she was quoted as saying that Sidharth is using Shehnaaz for the game as he has realized her popularity amongst the audience. She had stated, “Shehnaz understands the game well and it is not like she doesn’t know what is happening. Initially, also whoever got praised by Salman Khan during Weekend Ka Vaar, Shehnaz used to stay with them. So, it would be wrong to say that she is not playing the game, she is playing quite well. Sidharth is using Shehnaz for the game and has realised her popularity. He is trying to pull her down just like Mahira and Paras. Sidharth is giving priority to Mahira over Shehnaz just to put her down. If you are genuinely friends with someone how can you insult that person.”


Bagga even went on to reveal that Sidharth Shukla and Rashmi Desai are arch enemies and can’t stand each other but the only difference is  Sidharth talks less about Rashmi while the latter keeps talking about him and targets him as she wants to be seen more in the show.


Well, let’s see what happens next in the show, Big Boss.