Bollywood ain’t an easy industry. There’s so much that happens which we are unaware of.  So many actresses have come and gone but only a few managed to make a mark. Actress Zareen Khan also had a great successful career in the beginning. The actress went on to change her image by doing bold roles in films like Aksar 2 and Hate Story 3, but it was the Punjabi industry where the actress found more love and acceptance and she agrees with it. Eleven years later, Zareen believes she is in a different situation when it comes to her career, a place where she can make choices as per what she feels like.

“I am at the stage in my life where I will do things that interest me. There are a lot of people who have given me suggestions on who I should work or not work with and how it could make or break my market. I think we are in a phase where we have passed that, and all depends on how good the actor, concept and the project is. Instead of being in a bubble, waiting for work, I want to choose good scripts,” Zareen shares, adding that being an outsider also plays a role in this decision. “I am not from a film background that a huge line of producers and directors will be outside my house to work with me irrespective of the fact that whether my last film was a hit or a flop. Being a person not belonging to this industry, I have to be very careful with everything that I deliver. It has to be good and I have to take time to gauge a project and not just do for the heck of it, otherwise after a point, even those projects will stop being offered to me. I am just being very careful in what I present to my audiences,” she asserts.

Zareen says she likes experimenting with new things and new roles and that’s what she has tried to do in her career of these 11 years as well. “I want people to see my potential. Till lately, I was only identified as another pretty face who cannot act, without even giving me any opportunity to showcase my talent. But now, I am doing my bit, reaching out to whomever I can and I feel lucky that there are people out there who still believe in me and want to give me a chance to show my talent. I am happy to work with such people,” she said.

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