Katrina Kaif was born to Mohammed Kaif, a British businessman of Kashmiri heritage, and Suzanne Turcotte, an English lawyer and charity worker. Her parents split when she was a youngster, and Mohammed Kafi emigrated to the United States. As a result, Suzanne, Katrina’s mother, raised her and her seven siblings. Katrina was born with a darker complexion and black hair than her other siblings due to her South Asian ancestors.

Now, an old video of the actor is doing rounds on the internet which is being slammed by the netizens. In the clip, she could be seen talking to journalist Barkha Dutt who asked her about her father’s Indian connection and how his being not present during her childhood diminished her half Indianess. On March 6, 2023, a Reddit member published an old interview of Katrina Kaif on its social media handle, in which she discussed her dark skin.

In the video, the interviewer, Barkha Dutt, questioned the actress if the absence of her father, Mohammed Kafi, during her childhood impacted her sense of belonging to India. Katrina responded by explaining how her dark skin tone just happened to match the Indian complexion. Katrina also described how she was always referred to as an exotic or ethnic youngster.


In the same chat, Katrina contrasted herself to people of mostly white-skinned countries and noted how her sense of belonging to India was implanted in her. She went on to say that after visiting numerous nations as a result of her mother’s career, she felt disconnected from India. Still, she never had the same connection with any other country as she did with this one.