‘What’s Your Body Count?’ Malaika Arora Asks 22-Year-Old Son Arhaan Khan About Number Of Sexual Partners He Had

Bollywood icon Malaika Arora recently made a guest appearance on her son Arhaan Khan’s popular podcast. The show’s name is ‘Dumb Biryani’, which has been gaining significant attention. During the podcast, they engaged in a game where they asked each other challenging questions. If either failed to answer, they had to endure a shot of ‘mirchi ka salan’ or consume a green chilli.

Malaika Arora asks son about sexual partners

In one particularly candid moment, Malaika stunned her son by inquiring about his sexual history. This prompts him for his “body count,” referring to the number of sexual partners he has had. Despite his discomfort, Malaika persisted, demanding an honest response. However, Arhaan opted to avoid the question, opting instead to down a shot of ‘mirchi ka salan’.

Additionally, Arhaan seized the opportunity to ask his mother about her marriage plans. He requested specific details such as dates, venues, and partners. Malaika chose to deflect the question, opting to eat a green chilli instead, asserting that she was currently enjoying life to the fullest.

Ahaan Khan gets shocked by Malaika’s question

During the podcast, Malaika also disclosed that Arhaan was not a planned addition to her life, stating that his arrival was unexpected but ultimately welcomed.

Malaika was previously married to actor-filmmaker Arbaaz Khan for nearly two decades before their separation in 2016 and subsequent divorce in 2017. Arhaan was born to the couple in 2002. While Arbaaz remarried in December 2023, tying the knot with Shura Khan, Malaika has been in a relationship with actor Arjun Kapoor for approximately four years. Despite their long-term relationship, the couple has not yet revealed any plans for marriage.

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