Aditi Rao Hydari Celebrates Fiancé Siddharth’s Birthday With Heartwarming Unseen Photos

Amidst the excitement of her recent engagement to Siddharth, Aditi Rao Hydari has been relishing quiet moments with her beloved. Keeping their relationship out of the spotlight, Aditi recently took to Instagram. The actress shares a heartfelt birthday tribute to her fiancé, Siddharth, affectionately calling him her “manicorn.”

Unveiling Unseen Moments of Love

In a series of intimate snapshots, Aditi and Siddharth’s love story unfolds. The first image captures the couple exuding elegance, dressed impeccably for what seems like a special occasion. In another, they’re captured in a candid embrace, their genuine affection palpable. The third picture depicts the duo sharing a candid selfie, radiating joy and togetherness. Accompanying these snapshots is a touching caption. Aditi expresses her heartfelt wishes for Siddharth, invoking endless laughter, fairy dust, and boundless happiness.

Siddharth Opens Up About Their Engagement

Reflecting on their engagement, Siddharth addressed speculation surrounding the secrecy of their union. Emphasizing the distinction between privacy and secrecy, he clarified that their engagement was a private affair, shared intimately with family. Siddharth emphasized that while some may perceive their discretion as secrecy, those present understood the intimate nature.

As for their impending nuptials, Siddharth affirmed that their wedding date hinges upon familial considerations, underscoring the significance of this lifetime commitment. Unlike scheduling a film shoot, he noted, the timing of their union is subject to familial consensus, reflecting their reverence for tradition and familial bonds.

A Journey of Love and Respect

Aditi and Siddharth’s journey is characterized by a profound respect for tradition and a commitment to cherished moments shared in privacy. Amidst the clamor of public attention, they navigate their relationship with grace, cherishing each moment together. As they embark on this journey of love and togetherness, Aditi and Siddharth embody the beauty of a relationship grounded in mutual respect and enduring affection.


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In celebrating Siddharth’s birthday, Aditi offers a glimpse into their private world, inviting admirers to share in their joy and celebrate the enduring bond they share. With each tender moment captured in these unseen photos

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