Vidya Balan’s Sassy Reaction To A Reporter Who Advised Her To Lose Weight To Portray Glam Roles: Deets Inside!!!

Bollywood actress Vidya Balan has been outspoken in her criticism of those who pressure her to conform to social norms, whether it is through her employment decisions or outward looks. Sidharth Roy Kapur, the owner of the production business UTV Movies, is the man of her dreams and the love of her life. Apart from her performances, Vidya has unfortunately made news due to the persistent criticism she faces for her weight. Although her size undoubtedly does not interfere with her enormous workload, many individuals have repeatedly used it as a convenient means of criticism of the actress. 

For instance, during a press conference for her then-recently released movie Tumhari Sulu in 2017, Vidya was taken aback when a reporter told her explicitly that she needed to lose a few pounds in order to play some fashionable roles. But the actress responded in a snarky manner that was appropriate, saying: “I’m very happy with what I’m doing. It’d be great if there could be a change in your perception.” Watch the video here

Vidya Balan recalled doing crazy things in her life to lose weight

For instance, Vidya revealed in an interview with the Mid-Day how she had struggled with weight gain over the years, to the point where she came to the conclusion that her body was the largest concern in her life. She also remembered a time when she did something irrational to lose weight, which led to her being admitted to the hospital. Her words are: “When I was 17, somebody told me that if I drank 10 litres of water a day, I would lose weight. I started to do so, and, almost every night, I would puke. My family worried for me, and when I told them what I was doing, they took me to a doctor, who fired me. When I stopped doing that, I gained the weight back.”

When Vidya Balan gave a befitting response to people who body shame others

In an interview with the Hindustan Times, she offered sage counsel for individuals who think it’s important to keep others’ weight and physical appearance in mind. She stated: “Why do we not turn around and tell these people, who fat shame us, that you should actually be ashamed because you have got such a small mind? Nothing you do can ever change that, exercise, diet, the right kind of sleep, maybe medication!… whatever can even change our body, but nothing can change your mind! God bless you!”


Vidya Balan’s bold reaction to being continuously enquired about her pregnancy

Vidya once spoke candidly on the subject in an earlier interview with The Times Of India and mentioned: “I’m fed up with these rumours. These days people look at my stomach when they talk to me. Why are actors and actresses treated differently in this industry? Recently, a young actress did something to look different and she was castigated. Haven’t male actors got cosmetic jobs done? Inshallah, I will have a baby—but not so soon. I’m not mentally ready for motherhood yet. It’s a daunting task to be responsible for another human being.”

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