Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif’s union has not just captured hearts but also set new benchmarks for marital bliss. The couple, often admired for their chemistry, recently offered a glimpse into their playful banter. Vicky shared a light-hearted incident where Katrina assumed the role of his fashion police.

Fashion Banter: When Katrina Critiqued Vicky’s Outfit

In a recent interview with Ranveer Allahbadia, Vicky Kaushal reminisced about a fun banter with Katrina concerning his outfit choice for a public appearance. Playfully recounting the incident, Vicky revealed how Katrina, with her trademark wit, pulled him back and exclaimed, “Kya joker banke ja raha hai ye” (He is stepping out looking like a joker). The actor, initially questioning what was wrong with his attire, found himself agreeing with Katrina’s discerning eye.

Discipline Lessons: Katrina, the ‘Beast’ at Work

Beyond the sartorial realm, Vicky Kaushal credited Katrina for instilling discipline in his life. Describing her as a ‘beast’ when it comes to work, Vicky marvelled at her dedication to preparing for challenging scenes or songs. He disclosed that Katrina initiates her preparations five months in advance, making dietary adjustments and going through meticulous changes in anticipation of her work commitments.

Admiring Katrina’s unyielding dedication, Vicky expressed his realization that success doesn’t come without hard work. He noted her emotional detachment towards her achievements, stating, “She goes mental five months before that. She goes on diet changes and all the changes. I have not seen many people be so disciplined. I realise that aese he nahi hai ye, she has achieved this reputation because she puts in that work and till date and that’s what stimulates her. She is super unemotional about it. Like you got to do what you got to do and that has really helped me,” highlighting the profound impact Katrina’s work ethic has had on him.

Vicky Kaushal’s candid revelations offer a glimpse into the dynamics of their relationship, showcasing not just the fun banter but also the valuable lessons learned from each other in the journey of marriage.