Bollywood actor Vicky Kaushal revealed how Katrina Kaif once learned a Punjabi song, but it did not imply what she believed it meant. One of the most popular Bollywood couples is Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif, who frequently share endearing memories from their romance. Vicky Kaushal recently discussed how Katrina took an extra effort to learn a Punjabi song to impress Vicky, but the music wasn’t what Katrina thought it was.

While Katrina thought of the song to be a romantic number, it was actually a song about guns and violence. Vicky said, “She speaks a little bit of Punjabi now. If you ask her, ‘Ki haal chaal? (How are you?),’ she says, ‘Badhiya hai (I am fine).’ Some time back she learnt a Punjabi song. With me, it comes naturally to me. I listen to a lot of Punjabi songs, I don’t understand other songs, I don’t understand English songs.”

Sharing Katrina Kaif’s goof up, Vicky Kaushal mentioned, “I don’t remember which song she sang but this one song she learnt, she thought it was a romantic song and wanted to sing that to me. But the actual meaning of the song was ‘mere se panga loge, toh main goli maar dunga (if you cross me, I’ll shoot you). I said, “I’m finding this romantic, but please don’t sing this song in front of anyone else.”

In the same conversation, Vicky Kaushal revealed his relationship with his wife and told ABP, “It’s going very well. I think we connect on a human level more than anything else. Emotions are universal, so when you find that person when you feel that you can genuinely be your true self, then nothing else matters.”

After dating for a while, Bollywood’s lovey-dovey couples Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal married in December 2021.