In the recently concluded reality show Bigg Boss 17, popular actress Ankita Lokhande and her husband Vicky Jain participated together. Despite Ankita securing the third runner-up position in the Grand Finale, their relationship faced challenges within the house, involving controversies with family members.

Family Dynamics Unveiled

Ankita encountered a significant conflict with her mother-in-law, Ranjana Jain, who entered the Bigg Boss house to support her son Vicky. Ranjana made a shocking statement in interviews, expressing her initial reluctance to accept Ankita as her daughter-in-law. In the Grand Finale, Salman Khan attempted to reconcile their differences by prompting Ankita and Vicky’s mom to make promises to each other.

While Ankita pledged to take care of Vicky and his family, Ranjana insisted that Ankita promise never to participate in a show that might tarnish the family’s reputation. Responding to this, Ankita gracefully stated, “I am a part of this industry, Mumma. I am proud of it.”

In a recent interview, Vicky defended his mother’s perspective, highlighting that his family in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, had not witnessed how he and Ankita lived together in Mumbai before entering Bigg Boss. Vicky explained that his family is unfamiliar with the industry. He admitted having concerns about their relationship when they saw them on the show.

Vicky Jain Defends Family’s Perspective

Vicky emphasized that his family from Tier 2 and 3 cities may not comprehend relationships in a city like Mumbai, where people meet at various places. He acknowledged his family’s questions about Ankita and their relationship during their time on the show. While not explicitly supporting the situation, Vicky acknowledged his mother’s emotions and the challenges faced by families.

Despite the controversies portrayed on the show, Vicky asserted the strength of his relationship with Ankita. He expressed happiness and emphasized the resilience of their bond. Vicky clarified that he respected Ankita’s individuality, never disrupting her game, and recognized the normalcy of having disagreements in a strong relationship.

In conclusion, Vicky affirmed the happiness and strength of their relationship, urging people to acknowledge the positive aspects amidst the challenges portrayed on the reality show.