Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra’s rumored love affair was a hot topic that dominated headlines over the past decade. Their on-screen chemistry and off-screen camaraderie fueled speculations, especially during their collaboration on the sequel to the film “Don” in 2011. Despite being married to Gauri Khan, Shah Rukh denied the rumors, attributing their closeness to a strong friendship.

Addressing Dating Rumors at Filmfare Awards:

In a throwback to 2013, Shah Rukh and Priyanka hosted the Filmfare Awards, indirectly confronting the dating rumors. A resurfaced video from the event captures a candid exchange between the duo. Shah Rukh inquired about Tinseltown’s latest gossip, to which Priyanka cryptically replied, “Nothing yet, but something will surely happen by tomorrow morning.”

Priyanka’s Take on the Gossip:

Perplexed by Priyanka’s response, Shah Rukh questioned the anticipation for the next day. Priyanka then candidly remarked on how their every interaction sparked exaggerated gossip and baseless rumors. She humorously illustrated how mundane encounters were sensationalized, drawing attention wherever they went.

Shah Rukh’s Reflections on the Speculations:

Acknowledging the incessant gossip, Shah Rukh opined on the commonalities shared between him and Priyanka, leading to misconceptions. He reasoned that their similarities might have fueled the speculations, prompting people to draw conclusions about their relationship.

SRK and Priyanka addressing their affair rumors in a playful manner in Filmfare awards 2013!!! Gauri too was present in the audience.
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Netizens’ Responses and Reactions:

As the old video resurfaced on social media, netizens weighed in with varied reactions. While some praised Shah Rukh’s wit and charm, others criticized him for alleged infidelity towards his wife, Gauri Khan. Additionally, there were sentiments of disapproval towards Shah Rukh and Priyanka’s candid discussion about their alleged romance, especially with Gauri present in the audience.