The Power of GRATITUDE

“Gratitude” is the quality of being thankful; a strong feeling of appreciation to someone or something  has done for you. Gratitude, which rhymes with “attitude”comes from the latin word gratus, which means “thankful,pleasing. Gratitude plays a significant role in our life because positivity attracts positivity. If we practice gratitude in our day to day life then thing , our environment also start changing rapidly. It leads us to absolute happiness , its a very warm feeling which gives us satisfaction as well as helps attracting good things in life.Gratitude can be shown and express through our actions as well as words also.

Being grateful, provides us many benefits like  emotional, social, personality,career as well as health benefits also. We can understand this by going in deep in the benefits of it.It increase our psychological well being , self esteem and depression.It also enhances longterm happiness by over 10% and also positive emotions, increases self esteem, keep suicidal thought and attempts at bay, access to wider social network, improve romantic relationship as well as friendship, make us more optimistic, increase our spiritualism , make us more giving, enhances optimism, make us more patient and improve decision making, help us find meaning in our work, contribute to reduced turnover,imprive work related mental health and reduces stress.

It reduces health issues like reduce drepressive symtoms, reduce blood pressure , improve overall physival health etc . Like if we thank someone for something then they feel happy and feel to do more for us likewise If we thank god for everything we have then he also gives us everything in life and shower his blessings in abundance.

so in this way gratitude have a magival effect in our life.

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