Forget Your Past and Live in the Present

In today’s world most of the people live in past about what has happened why all those things happened. We spend ample of time in thinking about the past and reimagining all the situations that we end up in web of our thoughts . We tend to overthink alot when we things don’t go the way they should go, we have thought. These unresolved past experiences can sometimes produce lasting psychological as well as phsiological effects on ourself. One should divert their in order to live in present. Should focus on the current scenario and for future.

One can acknowledge the challenges of the past, understanding that how this trauma can really affect your brain, accepting the fact that things cannot change now so acceptance is the only thing one can overcame from this, without dwelling on the past, trying recreational , meditation and yoga to relax your mind, write about the events of day to day life or about the past because by writing overthinking tends to reduce thoughts come on paper. Cutting off from negative people also help us to forget the past . The more we stay busy , the more we will , Set daily goals don’t leave time for overthinking , most important learn to forgive people because the more we forgive it will be easier for us to go the past, stop pleasing everyone you have to make yourself happy first then only you can make others happy.Simplifying thoughts in our mind is the most important thing.

An individual cannot move forward if you are busy thinking about the past for example a man travelling carrying all the unnecessary things in his bag which only giving him pain and becoming a burden like wise all the past problems , events are just unnecessary baggage which we are carrying.We should involve more in making new memories rather than focusing on past.

Living stress free , in present, without begruding, and be satisfied for getting what you have and work hard if you want more in life so we need to drop off that backpack full of shame, regrets, unhappiness, mistakes, failure broken hearts, grudges etc. When you drop that your race will be much easier to run in life.

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