Suhana Khan, a daughter of actor Shah Rukh Khan, is chosen to represent the renowned cosmetics company Maybelline. Star Kid Privilege became the term used by trolls for it. Netizens began applauding Suhana as soon as Shah Rukh Khan shared the footage of his daughter from the occasion. However, trolls began to flood the comment sections, claiming Suhana and her fellow brand spokeswoman Ananya Birla’s achievement was nothing more than “star kid privilege.” In response to this video, one user wrote, “Nepo kids ke apnay mazay hain.” 

Another netizen commented, “U can take all the credit because if she were not your daughter, she would never be given this opportunity by Maybelline. It’s all about the ‘connections’! And that’s how the world is!” An internet user commented, “Definitely because of your approach…she doesn’t look to be fit for being an ambassador of any brand. There are far better options available.”

One person tweeted in support of Shah Rukh Khan’s post, “Omg struggle of nepo kid is real. U just need a perfect surname to be successful. Then u get international brand before your launch yourself into the industry. Let’s not talk about talent. That’s the only thing you don’t need nowadays in the film industry.” Another tweet can be read as, “What has #SuhanaKhan done that is so substantial, other than being #ShahRuhKhan daughter to get this big international brand? She hasn’t even got a movie out and the nepotism is showing bright and clear. Useless star kid.

When Suahana Khan made her first official media appearance

Suhana Khan had her first formal media appearance on April 11, 2023, and revealed her pure excitement while revealing that she had been chosen as a beauty brand ambassador. She was wearing a crimson pantsuit and looked amazing. Suhana chose natural makeup and an open hairstyle to complete her ensemble. She was undoubtedly sending off boss lady vibes.

Suhana Khan on becoming the face of Maybelline

Suhana Khan spoke at a Maybelline event about her enthusiasm for the company and her past tendency to hoard their products. She also mentioned how proud she is to represent a beauty business. One can hear Suhana uttering:

“Hi everyone. I am so excited to be here and see you guys again. We had such a good time filming. So I’m just really excited to be here and I can’t wait for you guys to see everything we have filmed. It’s an honour to be a brand ambassador for Maybelline after hoarding so many of their iconic products, especially their mascaras are amazing. But, yeah I am just super excited and happy to be a part of this brand, and I can’t wait to make it shine with all of you.”