Is This Why Saif Ali Khan Divorced Amrita Singh, Ended Up Marrying Kareena Kapoor?

Amrita  Singh and Saif Ali Khan may not be even on talking terms today but there was a time when this lovebirds were the talk of the town. Be it their age-gap or their sudden decision to get married, Saif and Amrita made a lot of news. After 13 years of marriage and two kids, the couple decided to call it quits. In this throwback interview, Saif talked about his divorce with Amrita like never before. Right from the whopping amount of alimony, he had paid to Amrita to what went wrong in their marriage the Nawab unravelled a lot of things.

After their breakup, it was very difficult for Saif to stay away from children, Sara and Ibrahim. He had stated, “My wife and I have gone our separate ways. I respect my wife’s space. But why am I being constantly reminded of how terrible a husband I was, and how awful a father I am.I’ve my son Ibrahim’s photograph in my wallet. Each time I look at it, I feel like crying. I miss my daughter Sarah all the time. I’m not allowed to meet my children.”

He had further added, “They aren’t allowed to come to visit me, let alone stay with me. Right now my kids are growing up with Amrita’s relatives and maidservants while she’s out working in a TV serial. Why does she need to do that, when I’m more than willing to support my family”.

And what made it more difficult was Amrita’s alleged remarks on him and his family. He was quoted as saying, “It isn’t nice to be constantly reminded of how worthless you are And to have taunts, jeers, insults and abuses thrown at your mother and sister all the time. I’ve gone through all of it. Now I feel healed again.”

Further talking about the whopping alimony he has to pay Amrita he said, “I’m supposed to give Amrita Rs 5 crore, of which I’ve already given her approximately Rs 2.5 crore. Also, I’m paying Rs 1 lakh per month until my son becomes 18.”

Talking about how he is giving away all his earnings to Amrita for the good upbringing of his children, “I’m not Shahrukh Khan. I don’t have that kind of money. I’ve promised her I’ll pay up the rest of the money, and I will, even if I’ve to slog till I drop dead. Whatever I’ve earned from doing ads, stage shows and films is being given for my children.”

Further revealing how he found his relationship with impossible he said, “I really want my kids. But I don’t want to put up a constant fight over them. If they are to be taken away from me then let Amrita call them Sarah Singh and Ibrahim Singh. Let my daughter become 18 and ask me, ‘Where were you Dad when my brother and I needed you?’ Let me die of shame. But please don’t kill me with a feeling of constant guilt just because I’ve had the courage to finally walk away from an impossible relationship to find some solace.”

Saif concluded by saying, “I want no confrontation with Amrita. She was and will remain, an integral part of my life. I want her and my kids to be happy.”

Well, now both of them have moved on in life, Saif is happily married to Kareena Amrita Singh is in a peaceful state.

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