Suhana And Gauri Khan Explores ‘New Destinations’ During Holiday In Serbia!

Designer Gauri Khan said that her creativity was cultivated through her travels. Gauri went to Instagram and shared photos with Suhana in front of St. Sava Church in Serbia.

Gauri wrote, “Creative benefits that a designer gains is influenced by the amount of traveling they do # exploring new destinations.” The photo shows her wearing shorts and a green jacket. Next, we saw Suhana wearing a short top and skirt with her hair down. A few minutes after the photo was posted, fans commented on the photo and were full of love.

Just the other day, Suhana and Gauri indulged in some cathartic sketching and shared the photos on their Instagram accounts. While Suhana Khan just tagged her mother in the post, Gauri wrote, “Charcoal art, a form of dry art…. extremely therapeutic.” A few days ago, Suhana and Gauri made some cathartic sketches and shared photos on their Instagram accounts.

Suhana is the second daughter of Shahrukh and Gauri. The couple also has an eldest son Aryan Khan and a younger son Abraham. Suhana Khan is currently studying at the Tisch School of Art at New York University and is expected to enter the industry as an actress. His brother Aryan is passionate about film and has a degree from the University of Southern California.

Last year, Suhana Khan shared a post about colorism, in which she said she was black hair and was happy. Despite many criticisms, Gauri still stood by her daughter and told that she was proud of her. “I think it is time we stop discriminating on the basis of the color of our skin, and I am proud of her for standing up for herself.”

Speaking about the pandemic, Gauri Khan told that she spent much time with her family during the lockdown and was grateful for it. “The pandemic has taught me patience! I was also able to devote time to my art — abstract art mostly — watercolors on paper and acrylic on canvas.” When asked about spending time with family, she said, “We spent a lot of time together as a family, which is otherwise not possible, given everyone’s schedule. So that’s been nice.”

During an Ask Me Anything session on Twitter, a fan asked if he was a strict father to his children. “Children were made for hugging and loving….and for making mistakes, not for reprimand or strictness,” SRK answered.

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