Fardeen Khan Opens Up On Being Body-Shamed And His Journey To Getting Fit; Says Ready To Audition Again

For the last few days, Fardeen Khan has been hitting the headlines for his comeback in Bollywood. A few days ago, Fardeen Khan made headlines when he was spotted outside the office of casting director Mukesh Chhabra but it was his body shape that caught the eyeballs of his fans. Earlier, when the actor was spotted, he looked out of shape but now he has returned to the shape and will soon be seen in films. In a recent interview, Fardeen Khan opened up about being shamed and also shared his fat to fit journey.

While speaking to Times Of India, Fardeen Khan said that he is open to auditioning for roles. The actor also spoke about how he dealt with the online backlash that followed when he was photographed in 2016, looking overweight. “In our profession, a lot of importance is given to how you look. You are expected to look your best at all times. When I was trolled for my weight, I wasn’t actively part of the film industry. I had been away for years, so I was surprised at the degree and intensity of the reactions. That was my introduction to being trolled on social media, the new age that we live in,” he said.

The actor continued, “It doesn’t feel good to be in that situation, but you have to look at it for what it is. You have to find positivity within yourself. If you constantly seek validation from other people on what they think about you, you need to rethink that. Also, you need to be honest with yourself. I was extremely out of shape then. I found humour in it to whatever extent I could and moved on. I’ve never looked outwards for reassurances and validation. I know my truth and where I stand. I was well equipped to handle the criticism because of my personal attitude. When I posted my response, I saw people identifying with that as well.”

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