Singer Sona Mohapatra Recalls Getting Stabbed At The Age Of 21, “Hid It Because It Would Worsen Matters”

Sona Mohapatra has always been vocal about her life and never been the shy type to hide away in mystery. She has always called out anyone who she felt was wrong and has been applauded for the same all the time. She is a headstrong singer and woman who says what she wants and likes without shying away. However, she recalls one incident from her early twenties when she was stabbed by someone but hid it away.

Recently, Sona Mohapatra took to her Twitter handle to reveal that she was stabbed when she was pursuing her BTech. She wrote, “I was stabbed as a young adult pursuing my BTech. Had a scholarship, was working hard. Hid it because it would worsen matters. Was 21. My ‘heart’ feels relieved for the benevolent support for 22yr olds being referred to as kids. My head says an adult world is nasty, deal with it..” Fans applauded her for sharing this dark secret with everyone and send her more power. A fan wrote, “You’ve no idea how empowering it feels to have a public figure calling a spade a spade. More power to you Sona. This is what being liberal looks like. Not the psuedo-intellectualism spewed by so-called bolly celebs.”

Another one commented, “U r one if the most sanest voices on Twitter. I hav seen u being neutral in most political matters bt still it feels heartwarming dat someone is thinking n speaking without biases. It is all we want. A neutral sane analysis of everything.”

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