Shweta Tiwari’s Ex-Husband Raja Chaudhary Says It’s Her ‘Bad Luck” That Both Her Marriages Failed, “She Is An Excellent Mother And A Very Good Wife”

Shweta Tiwari is one such actress who has been hitting the headline for both her professional and personal lives. While she has been climbing the ladder of success her personal lives seems to be falling apart. With two broken marriages Shweta seems to be unlucky in love. She was first married to Raja Chaudhary but they break off their marriage due to irreconcilable differences. Then she tied the knot with Abhinav Kohli but this marriage also ended in shambles.

Shweta has been targeted a lot of times for two failed but now his ex-husband Raja Chaudhary has come out in support of her and said that it’s just a sheer coincidence and her bad luck that both her marriages failed but it doesn’t make her a bad person.

He was quoted as saying, “The pattern is the same and that is why people are questioning Shweta. See, there is no doubt that Shweta is an excellent mother and a very good wife. It is just a sheer coincidence and her bad luck that history is repeating itself with her and her second marriage too has failed. But then this doesn’t make her wrong or a bad person.”

He also added that Shweta should allow Abhinav to meet his son, “I can’t comment anything on that, but yes, one thing I would like to say that Shweta should allow Abhinav to meet his son. She needs to understand that as a couple no matter what the problems might be in a relationship, a father will not harm his own son or daughter. Rest, whatever is happening between them I don’t want to get into that at all.”

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