Bollywood’s beloved superstar Shah Rukh Khan, known for his charismatic and composed persona, recently showcased a rare moment of irritation. The incident occurred last night in Mumbai when the actor, after a dinner outing with his manager Pooja Dadlani. The actor wasn’t expecting paparazzi and was unexpectedly photographed by the media. The usually affable Khan did not take kindly to the intrusion, displaying his displeasure openly.

Shah Rukh, donning a casual look with a large hoodie and an umbrella, was seen trying to evade the cameras. This unexpected reaction came as a surprise to many. Netizens were not expecting the reaction considering his reputation for being friendly with fans. However, the intensity of the moment escalated when a video went viral, showing the “Zero” actor pushing away a fan’s phone, leaving onlookers and netizens in shock.

Mixed Reactions from Fans and Netizens

The incident sparked a range of reactions online. One social media user expressed confusion over the actor’s apparent fear of his fans, noting that fans generally mean no harm and are a source of respect. Another commented on the unexpected nature of SRK’s reaction, reminding that a superstar’s status is largely due to their fanbase.

SRK’s Professional High and Future Projects


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Despite the recent incident, Shah Rukh Khan continues to ride high professionally. 2023 has been a landmark year for him, with three back-to-back box office successes: “Pathaan”, “Jawan”, and “Dunki”. Adding to his list of future endeavours, Khan is rumoured to be in talks with acclaimed director Sanjay Leela Bhansali for a new project, following several meetings between the two.

The actor’s recent behaviour has undoubtedly sparked curiosity and concern among his fans. While the pressures of constant media attention are well-known, this incident serves as a reminder of the human side of celebrities, who occasionally seek respite from the unrelenting spotlight.