Shocking: Hathras, Balrampur Gangrape Case Update; UP Police Registers FIR Against Rahul, Priyanka Gandhi For Violating Prohibitory Orders

India is one of the countries where women are not safe. Men here have assaulted eight-month-old children just as a 100-year-elderly person. It is an assault culture, in which young girls are advised how to dress to abstain from ‘welcoming difficulty’ and ‘slut-shamed’, normalizing male savage conduct. To change this, Indians must avoid the talk from woman to the genuine issue: men. In the meantime, should set up a different law authorization unit for wrongdoing against such crime.

The woman from Uttar Pradesh’s Hathras, who has been raped and days after being assaulted and tormented, was choked, abused and endured cervical spine injury, and the immense pain which her family is feeling right now is endless.

Uttar Pradesh police, nonetheless, asserted on Thursday that a criminological report of her viscera had demonstrated that she was not assaulted. “The posthumous report says the casualty passed on because of her neck injury. FSL (Forensic Science Laboratory) report hasn’t discovered sperm in tests, clarifying that a few people turned the issue to mix caste-based issue. Such individuals will be distinguished and the legitimate move will be made,” said Prashant Kumar, a senior UP cop.

The victim died of “injury to the cervical spine by indirect blunt injury,” as per the post-mortem report from the Delhi clinic where the 20-year-old passed on Tuesday. It specifies that there was an endeavor to choke her with her dupatta yet explains that was not what caused her demise. The lady had been attacked by four men from her town on September 14. She was found by her family in the fields, bleeding, seeping, with various breaks and a cut in her tongue.

Meanwhile, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi arrived at the Delhi-Noida roadway in transit for Hathras to meet the victim’s family whose age was just 19. A person who passed on after she was attacked and supposedly assaulted. UP police were conveyed at the parkway, who halted the Congress protest. A few political leaders including Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal fought in Delhi to request equity for the person in question and her family. Recently, the Hathras administration sealed the borders and banned writers and politicians from entering the town yet media is being permitted today.

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