Bollywood luminary and Bigg Boss 15 contestant Shamita Shetty recently rebuked a social media user who criticized her single status. Rather than brushing off the comment, Shamita opted to respond graciously, giving a fitting retort.

Shamita Shetty Gets Trolled

The troll’s comment, “Buddy Shetty 50 years have passed and there is no man,” caught Shamita’s attention. She promptly shared a screenshot of the message on her Instagram story and addressed the female user, affirming her contentment and happiness in life.

In her response, the 45-year-old actress emphasized that marriage is not her sole purpose. She asserted her stance on finding fulfilment, independence, and gratitude in life. “Wishing you a lot of positivity in your life. I hope you never try to pull another woman down again. If you have nothing nice to say to people, best be quiet,” she concluded.

Shamita had previously expressed in interviews her lack of urgency to tie the knot, preferring to await the right partner.

Shamita’s past romantic involvement

Shamita had been romantically linked with actor Raqesh Bapat, with their relationship becoming public during their stint on Bigg Boss OTT. Despite their affectionate display on the show, the couple announced their separation shortly after its conclusion. In an official statement, Shamita clarified their split while thanking fans for their unwavering support.

In 2023, speculation arose regarding Shamita’s relationship with actor Aamir Ali after a viral video showed him planting a kiss on her cheek. However, Shamita took to her social media platform to dispel the rumours, affirming her single status and expressing disappointment at society’s propensity for baseless assumptions.

“I’m baffled by society and its convenient prudish mindset. Why subject every action and individual to scrutiny without verifying facts? Single and happy… let’s focus on more important issues,” she asserted.

Through her dignified responses, Shamita Shetty exemplifies resilience and self-assurance, inspiring others to prioritize personal fulfilment over societal expectations.