In an interview, Shahid Kapoor talked about two things about his adoring wife, Mira Rajput, that he finds utterly annoying. He did end up complimenting her though. Since July 7, 2015, Shahid Kapoor has been wed to Mira Rajput Kapoor. They also have two children, a son named Zain and a girl named Misha. He never relents in sharing amusing recollections from his happy marriage to Mira. Shahid has revealed two of his beloved wife’s negative habits that he finds utterly irritating. But in the end, he also gave her praise.

Shahid Kapoor reveals he gets pissed off when his wife, Mira doesn’t wake up

In an interview with the Bollywood Bubble, Shahid Kapoor was questioned about the one quality in his beloved wife, Mira Rajput, that he can only bear. The Jab We Met actor responded by disclosing Mira’s sleeping patterns. He remarked that Mira doesn’t do well in the mornings. And even when he attempts to wake her up at nine, she continues to snarl.Revealed Shahid: “Her sleeping habits, she just doesn’t wake up yaar. She gets pissed off. Even at 9 am, she gets pissed off and I am like “get up yaar.”

Shahid Kapoor said that Mira doesn’t give him any credit

During the same conversation, Shahid revealed another unpleasant tendency of Mira. He bemoaned the fastidious nature of Mira and the fact that she never gave him credit for anything. The devoted husband revealed that his devoted wife had taken it upon herself to make him a perfectionist in every way, but he also revealed how his wife had taken on the task on her own. He continued: “One thing I hate about her is that she gives me no credit EVER. It’s like uski na mere se kuch woh hai ki mai tereko seedha karke hi rahungi. Pata nahi kyu aise woh mereko kabhi kis chiz ke liye credit nahi deti.”

Shahid on loving the kind of human being Mira is

Shahid was also asked about the flip side of the coin and highlighted the positive things he had to say about her. The adoring spouse responded by saying that he loves her for who she is as a person—someone who is incredibly solid, honest, clear, and real. Shahid noted how hard it is to find these goods. Shahid says: “I love the human being that she is. She is really very solid, honest, very clear, and a very real person. That is really something that is rare to find. Of course, she is beautiful, she has the prettiest smile and she is very intelligent. But she is a very good human being and very genuine and that’s very rare.”

On the professional front, Shahid Kapoor was most recently featured in the online series Farzi and will next be seen in Bloody Daddy, which will premiere on JioCinema on June 9, 2023.