‘Santoshi Maa’ Fame, Ratan Rajput Suffered From Depression After Her Father’s Death, Took Up Farming To Heal: Checkout Here!!!

Actress Ratan Rajput of “Santoshi Maa” discussed how she quit her job on television to start farming after experiencing depression following the loss of her father. Santoshi Maa and Vighnaharta Ganesh helped television actress Ratan Rajput establish herself as a household name. The attractive actress, who made her television debut with Raavan in 2006, gained notoriety for playing “Laali” in the programme Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo. As part of her hunt for the ideal husband, Ratan took part in the marriage reality show Ratan Ka Rishta in 2011.

She took part in season 7 of the divisive reality competition Bigg Boss in 2013, but she was quickly booted off. Significant media attention was drawn to Ratan’s performance in the television programme Santoshi Maa as “Santoshi Dhairya Mishra.” After the performance, the actress vanished suddenly. Ratan recently discussed this with the public in an interview, admitting that she had experienced despair.

Ratan Rajput discussed her disappearance from TV in an interview with ETimes and described it as the lowest point of her life. Santoshi Maa, Ratan recalled the day her father passed away a day after she finished filming her show and said: “After Santoshi Maa got over in 2018, just a day later, I lost my father and that was a terrible blow for me. I went into depression and did not want to do anything.”

In addition to seeing psychiatrists, Ratan took a psychology course to help him get over his melancholy phase. She stopped acting and moved to a village to start farming, which enabled her to recover. Ratan revealed how she discovered her own self while travelling and farming. “Doing farming in villages for three months was therapeutic and helped me heal to some extent. I also learnt that people in villages live a life free from pretensions. I enjoyed my time there and this journey helped me explore my inner self, too.

Ratan Rajput had to work quite hard to establish herself in the world of elegance. The actress, who is renowned for calling a spade a spade, discussed the undesirable aspects of the entertainment industry by discussing her encounter with the casting couch. Ratan described how a man between the ages of 60 and 65 tried to approach her in one of her YouTube Vlogs. In relation to the same, Ratan had said:

“It was 14 years ago today. I had just moved to Mumbai. There was a 60-65-year-old man. He insulted me. Said, Look at your hair, look at your skin, how they are dressed. You have to change your entire look. You need a complete makeover, it will cost around 2 to 2.5 lakh rupees to get all this done. But why should I spend money on you? If you want me to spend money on you, you have to make me your godfather. You have to be my friend.”


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