Sanjeeda Sheikh Opens Up On Becoming A Mother, Says Daughter Is The Only Companion

Sanjeeda Sheikh is a much cited name in the glamour world. She was married to Aamir Ali and the two looked like a fabulous couple together. Now, they’ve been seperated and no one has announced the main reason for this. Earlier this year, we heard the news that the two had embraced parenthood via surrogacy before their split. Aamir Ali took to his Instagram to introduce his daughter to the world on her first birthday and now the mommy Sanjeeda Sheikh is all set to talk about her daughter during her interview before the release of her Netflix original Kaali Khushi.

Speaking with, Sanjeeda Sheikh mentioned that her life is better and stated that her daughter is the only companion in her life right now. She said, “Life is better. I would just want to keep it simple. I have a buddy in my life. The only companion that I have in my life is my daughter right now.” Talking about embracing motherhood for the first time, she further added, “And I think it was my most amazing call of surrogating a baby girl and I am a mother for the first time in life and it is an experience for me too.”

The Kaali Khuhi actress opened up about living with her mother, separately from estranged husband Aamir Ali. She continued, “I am with my mother and it is just that when you have your mother; it is a blessing because you see yourself grow in front of you. It is literally like I see myself growing. And I am like wow. I am thoroughly enjoying this phase.” While Sanjeeda revealed she is thoroughly enjoying this phase of her life, being a mom, she spoke about her career and how things are changing today for the actors who have a background of working in the television industry. The actress said has been difficult for her, but mentioned that she had evolved over the years, through all this.

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